Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cakes By Ruth Blog

A few years ago, I created a blog for my mom to post all of her cake pictures on.  For 35 years she has made different cakes for her kids, friends, and now her grand kids.  She uses butter cream, which is a slow dying art in and of itself because of how much easier fondant is.  I looked at the blog the other day and forgot how UGLY it was.  She gets a lot of hits, so I thought I'd jazz up the blog header.  This is what I came up with.

Brittish Designs  - "Build a Princess"
Brittish Designs - A Time to Remember
Marie H Designs - Sweet Cooking Girl

I LOVED playing around with Brittish Designs "Build a Princess" templates!  It was so so so much fun!  There are so many ways to make a face look how you want it to.  I even cropped the hair to make it look more like my mom.  Her blog looks fantastic now!  Check it out if you want to see her cakes!  Just Click Here!  Cakes by Ruth.


Shantell said...

Fun! This makes me want to get the build a princess template.

Shantell said...

Just looked at your mom's blog. She is amazing! Did she ever make you a color guard cake? That would be fun to see :)